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At Atlantis Park, a leading Tenerife hotel in Punta Del Hidalgo, Tenerife, the team of staff and family owners bring local knowledge to assist you to have a fantastic Canary Islands holiday experience.

Our staff team values include:

- Traditional personalised service, putting you first as our valued guest with high European standards of service

- Respecting tradition and offering décor that has been nurtured and respected for years

Key staff at Atlantis Park Hotel. We have 21 expert, trained staff.

Marjolein (Maria) Duindam: Hotel Manager. Marjolein’s background is in computer systems and project management. She is currently busy renovating the IT setup at the Atlantis Park Hotel to create automated systems allowing staff to have more time with guests.

Susana : Front Office Manager, Antonio : Restauranteur, Gabriel : Maintenance Manager, Yayita : Housekeeping Leader, Olinda : Health Spa Manager

Born in the Netherlands in February 1946, Elisabeth was the sister of Lydia Boting. In 1968 Lydia and her husband Co and their children Marjolein and Luke were living in Punta Del Hidalgo...

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The family including Co, Marjolein and Luke and their partners are committed to fulfil Elisabeth’s wishes to continue Atlantis Park and for the business to stay in the family. One of their values is working towards Atlantis Park hotel being plastic free. This is something they are taking seriously. The family and staff are on a mission to replace wastage of unnecessary plastic from shampoo bottles to buffet food packaging. Also, renovating the apartments will go through a re-new and re-use process, limiting wastage and giving sustainability a helping hand.

Born in Luxembourg in June 1964, Marjolein is the niece and god daughter of Elisabeth. Elisabeth was the adventurous aunt in Marjolein’s life...

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Born in Zaire in April 1967, Luke is the nephew of Elisabeth. Luke also loves adventure and loves to surf. He has travelled extensively around the globe looking for that perfect wave...

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Born in the Netherlands in November 1940, Lydia is the sister of Elisabeth. Lydia and her husband Co were frequent visitors to Tenerife, staying at Atlantis Park...

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Born in the Netherlands in July 1939, Co was the husband of Lydia and brother in law of Elisabeth Co met Elisabeth when she was just 8 years old. Co was like a big brother to Elisabeth and continued to be her big brother for her entire life...

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Loly is one of our top chefs and she was born on the island you can see from the beach at Punta Del Hidalgo, La Palma, in San Andrés y Sauces north of La Palma island. Loly enjoys the tranquillity of Atlantis Park and the big inviting pool within the complex. Loly’s favourite saying is “No hay mal que por bien no venga”: Every cloud has a silver lining.

Pino is our head chef and she was born in Valle de Guerra. Historically, this valley was occupied by the Guanches before it was granted to conqueror Lope Fernándex in 1498. Pino loves the sunset views at Atlantis Park. Unfurtunately, she does not get to see them often as she is busy preparing your meals in the kitchen at the time of a sunset. Next time you go to a folklore festivity, lookout for Pino, she has disguised herself as a milkmaid in the past! Pino’s favourite saying is “Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo”: There is more wisdom to be found in an old person than in a clever one.

Olinda, our talented beauty therapist and hairdresser, is born and raised in Punta Del Hidalgo. Olinda enjoys the familiarity of Atlantis Park and how it creates a friendly atmosphere between guests and employees. Olinda also likes to travel and one of her memorable holidays was the journey to Santiago, Chili. Olinda’s favourite saying is “Cuando se cierra una puerta, siempre se abre una ventana”: When a door is closed, a window always opens.

Pedro is one of our night security officers who keeps an eye out at night when we are all asleep. Pedro was born in Valle de Guerra, but was raised between Valle de Guerra and Punta del Hidalgo. What Pedro likes most about Atlantis Park are the courtyards, gardens, the large pool and its surroundings between the sea and the mountains. Shame is it always dark when he gets time to see the gardens! However, when he gets the chance during the day, you can find him hiking from morning to night going up and down the cliffs and canyons of Anaga. Pedro’s favourite saying is “Has bien y no mires a quien”: One never looses by doing a good turn.

Abel is one of our night security officers, someone you may meet when arriving back late at night at the hotel. Abel was born in the big city of Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife and home of the Parliament of the Canary Islands. In contrast, what Abel likes about Atlantis Park is the area where the hotel is located, wedged between mountains and sea, away from the big city. Pedro enjoys going on trips, however, he has been caught out finding adequate accommodation at times and has had to resort to sleeping under an escalator in the past! Abel’s favourite saying is “Ojo por ojo, diente por diente”: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Carmen is one of Atlantis Park’s original employees with a beautiful laugh and a great sense of humour. She views Atlantis Park as her home and treats everyone like family. Carmen is originally from Tejina, an area of Tenerife that was named after the daughter of a Guanche king of Tacaronte. Once, an elderly 87 year old gentleman had fallen in love with our Carmen and wanted to marry her. Sorry everyone, we want to keep our Carmen, she is not available. Carmen’s favourite saying is “Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena”: It is never too late if happiness is good.

Jesus was born in a beautiful historical city called La Laguna. La Laguna was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1999 and is the home of the University of La Laguna, home of 30,000 students. Jesus likes the tranquillity of Atlantis Park and likes to see his guests happy. One of the most adventurous things Jesus has done is to catch a plane, without much cash in his pocket, in search of his better half. Jesus’s favourite saying is “Vive la vida tu manera, no como quieren los demás que la vivas”: Live life your way, not how others want you to live it.

Martha is from Punta del Hidalgo and knows the area very well. She has a long connection with Atlantis Park, as her father was involved with the construction of the complex in the 1980’s. Marta values her teammates at Atlantis Park and will work hard to give an excellent service. She will not let a power failure stop her; service will carry on by candlelight! Marta’s favourite saying is “Más vale pájaro en mano que cien volando”: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Originally Carolina is from the bustling capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a city with brightly painted buildings, grand historic architecture and sophisticated and quirky shops. Carolina is a big fan of “Ropa Vieja”, a Spanish dish made from pulled stewed beef with vegetables and she believed our head chef Pino makes the best Ropa Vieja! On the 30th of September 2019, the whole island of Tenerife was hit by a blackout and Carolina was part of the team on duty that night, where dinner was cooked and served by candlelight. Carolina’s favourite saying is “Camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente”: The shrimp that sleeps gets carried away by the current.

Antonio is originally from Punta del Hidalgo and has lived there all his life. Antoñio likes the fact the hotel is a family business and has been with Atlantis Park for 25 years now, a great achievement and he is an excellent restauranteur. We all know things go wrong sometimes, and this can happen at Atlantis Park as well. The longest day Antoñio has had to step in to keep the restaurant running smoothly is from 7am right through to 3am. A dedication which is very much appreciated. Antoñio enjoys fishing and if you are in need for some fishing tips, check with him first. Antoñio’s favourite saying is “Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres”: You can judge a man by the company he keeps.

Yayita was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the Canary Islands. Santa Crus is a city with friendly locals, top quality restaurants and an excellent bus and tram system. Yayita is our singing housekeeper, her cheerful singing voice can be heard coming from apartments where she is working. Yayita’s favourite part of Atlantis Park is the reception area, and the funniest thing she’s ever seen at Atlantis Park is a radio in the toilet! Yayita’s favourite saying is “Una mujer que canta, el alma de los hombres encanta”: A woman who sings, the soul of men enchants.

Alicia was born in La Laguna, a city with a wealth of heritage, all nicely packed together in a relatively small space. Which makes it easy to cover on a leisurely walking tour. Alicia’s favourite part of Atlantis Park is the lawn area beyond the big pool. This lawn area is just perfect for a stretch and practice your yoga routines. Alicia’s favourite saying is “Haz bien y no mires a quien”: Do good to all alike.

Lala was born in Punta Del Hidalgo, the village where Atlantis Park is located between the Anaga mountain range and the Atlantic Ocean. Lala likes everything about Atlantis Park and takes her duties as a housekeeper seriously. Which is lucky for us, as once she came across a guest who had to be rescued from the balcony as the guest had locked themselves outside – which makes her favourite saying quite appropriate for this particular guest! Lala’s favourite saying is “Más vale tarde que nunca”: Better late than never.

Guaci was born in La Laguna, a place to explore the churches, mansions and historic buildings that make this a dazzling city. At Atlantis Park, what is special to Guaci is the view from apartment 24 where the largest mountain in Spain can be seen, the Teide, and the Atlantic Ocean. One of the unusual things Guaci has done, is turn up to work in her pyjamas. We are not sure why! Guaci’s favourite saying is “Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente”: Out of sight, out of mind.

Angela was born in La Laguna, the city where modern minds and young students gather at the first university of the Canary Islands. Angela feels privileged to have known the founder of Atlantis Park, Elisabeth, and how she was treated as part of her family. Angela is part of our excellent housekeeping team and has gone the extra mile helping a guest with her hair and clothing after the guest had broken her hand. Thank you, Angela. Angela’s favourite saying is “El que mucho abarca poco atraca”: He who focuses upon everything has, in fact, no focus.

Susana was born in La Laguna and is our very talented Front Office Manager. Susana has been with Atlantis Park since the mid 90’s and what she enjoys most about the hotel are all the flowers and plants that are part of the complex. If you enjoy hiking, Susana can advice you which routes to take. For the most experience hikers there is a 10km route from Punta del Hidalgo that journeys to La Laguna (her city of birth) via lush hillsides and takes around 4 hours. The route goes through the hamlets of Chinamada and Las Carboneras. Susana is a dedicated employee, to the point she turned up very early one day, at 7am, when everything was still closed, only because she had forgotten to reset her clock for daylight saving. Susana’s favourite saying is “No dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy”: Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Linda was born in Germany, but now lives with her family in Tegueste. The town which hosts the famous weekend farmers market full of fresh local produce and handmade crafts. Linda enjoys the relaxed atmosphere and family environment of Atlantis Park. Linda loves to help and makes a great front office team member. Linda’s favourite saying is “Wir können den Wind nicht andern, aber die Segel anders stezen”: We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently.

Miguel was born in Tegueste and a valued member of the maintenance team. Tegueste is a place that tempts people to stop for a quiet breather, surrounded by farm crops and vineyards and showcases historical buildings in the heart of the town. What is special to Miguel about Atlantis Park are the sea views of the Atlantic Ocean. Miguel’s favourite saying is “Más vale pájaro en mano que cien volando”: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Fran was born in Tejina, a town with a striking tradition. In late August cross shaped structures are erected with two wooden hearts on which flowers, fruit and flat bread are attached. These structures can be up to 12 meters tall and weigh 900 kilos. Once the structures are raised, the festival can begin! Fran is our electrical expert and has done wonders upgrading the tv network and wifi availability around Atlantis Park. Fran generally likes the whole complex, but he finds the indoor pool and restaurant particularly interesting. Fran has been seen to go the extra mile and turn up at 3am in the morning to fix a broken pipe. Fran’s favourite saying is “A quien madruga, dios le ayuda”: Who gets up early, God helps.

Gabriel was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and has the busy job overseeing the maintenance of the hotel complex. The next few years will especially be challenging as the hotel will go through its re- new and re-use modernisation upgrade. Gabriel enjoys the tranquillity and restfulness of Atlantis Park, inside and out. When Atlantis Park hosts a fireworks display, it is Gabriel who will orchestrate the display for the evening. Gabriel’s favourite saying is “La vida no se mide por las veces que respiras, sino por los momentos que te deja sin aliento”: Life is not measured by the number of times you breathe, but by the moments that leave you breathless.

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