Enjoy Tenerife’s natural parks while on holiday at Atlantis Park Hotel

Holiday in the subtropical paradise of Tenerife’s natural reserves

At Atlantis Park Hotel, the warm and outgoing staff can provide information about the best outdoor experiences in the national parks of the Canary Islands’ largest landmass, Tenerife. Atlantis Park Hotel staff can organise transportation and directions to any location on the island and advise on travel times to be expected.

Teide National Park

Teide is an unmistakable volcanic cone which is the emblem of Tenerife. It offers impressive volcanic peaks, unique geology, scenic landforms and biodiversity in the forests and deserts around the Teide. While enjoying your stay at Atlantis Park Hotel in Punta del Hidalgo, the staff can help you with taxi, bus or car access to the hiking and walking trails in Teide National Park.

Teno Rural Park

Teno Rural Park is located at the northwestern end of the island of Tenerife, around 75 kilometres from Punta del Hidalgo. At over 8000 hectares it is one of the most beautiful natural areas of Tenerife. Teno Rural Park has a mountainous massif, rocks, valleys and forest. Within the park are built-up areas as well as areas of wilderness, ravines, cacti, valleys and hills. The forest within the park is laurisilva forest, which is a type of leafy forest vegetation unique to the islands west of Africa. The most famous of birds living in the park is the osprey, a type of protected falcon. The park includes Punta de Teno, the most westerly corner of Tenerife, where spectacular panoramic views of the 600m cliffs known as the Gigantes Cliffs are on offer.

La Caleta

Comprised of cliffs and a sandy beach, the 78 hectares of La Caleta are enormous and stunning. A variety of threatened and protected bird species live inside this gorgeous Canary Islands wilderness, and there is a harbour town to cool off in after a day of hiking, tramping and exploring this Tenerife gem.

Drago Park

Drago Park contains the Dragon Icod (Dracaena draco canariensis), also known as Icod de los Vinos. The famous landmark tree is considered the oldest tree in the Canary Islands and measures more than 16 metres high and 20 metres around the base. A museum, shop and café are all on offer nearby.

Anaga Rural Park

One of the oldest areas of the Island, Anaga Massif is a distinctive geological region offering stunning views and photo opportunities. Above 500 metres, it includes the Path of the Senses, Tree Tunnel and evergreen laurel forest.

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